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Diving Into The Cache Of Games

Much like many other gamers out there, throughout the years I have collected a wide variety of video games through regular Steam sales, Humble Bundle promotions, and Epic Gamestore giveaways. It’s all too easy to see a sale and pick something up or that one game I always wanted to play for just a few bucks and think “what the heck, I can always play it later.” Of course, “later” you end up doing the same thing. Humble Bundle is even worse. A few games for a buck? How can you resist? Add a few more and get the whole enchilada. I’ve done it on multiple occasions.

That’s where I find myself today: a library overflowing with games, most of them only partially sampled, most collecting dust and waiting to be installed. Combine that with limited time to actually devote to playing games and the conundrum is multiplied a hundred fold (or so it seems).

So, I’ve set out on a mission, of sorts. I aim to start to work through my library of games, one at a time. No, it’s unlikely I’ll ever play all of them but I do feel like exploring. I KNOW there’s a ton a of great entertainment out there and just thinking about it brings me to the edge of my seat with anticipation. What nuggets of gold will I find, what undiscovered gems have been hiding under the dust of my virtual shelf? Some of these titles I will therefore dust off and check out, others I may not.

“But wait!” you say. “If you bought them, surely you meant to play them, right?”

Yes. Well, maybe. In some cases, I feel more like a collector. Or, maybe that’s just my excuse for what others may simply call hoarding or compulsive spending on junk I’ll never use.

To each his own.

Anyway, there are some games I already play on a regular basis. Simulators tend to have no end so games like F1, American Truck Simulator, and Flight Simulator are games I tend to keep installed. The same with certain RPG’s, like Skyrim, for example. There are, of course, numerous more of these on the shelf that demands attention although the permanent install won’t be featured for them, merely a sampling.

But first, before I try to figure out what I want to play, I’ll go back to the ones I have already sampled and maybe want to finish up. There’s about a dozen or so of those at the moment. ADR1FT, Thimbleweed Park, Back to the Future, Game of Thrones, and bunch of others. Most of these are games that have a set ending, I just need to play them and go through them to the extent that I want to, cross them off the list and move on.

My goal isn’t necessarily working through my entire backlog. That’s not realistic. It’s simply exploring it more thoroughly instead of just skimming around at the top, installing something, and only playing an hour or so. Some will be ignored on purpose. Then, I want to share my experience with you as I walk through some of these games. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration, or maybe I can help you steer clear of awful titles?

Either way, my quest begins. Feel free to join me and by all means, if you know of a game that’s worthy my attention, do let me know. I can’t promise I’ll play it but I may buy it when it comes on sale. If I find it interesting I may even play it but that’s not a promise. I am a collector, after all. That’s what I tell myself, at least.

Now, time to get Steam going..,what to pick first? Choices, choices…

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