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Starfield Mission Log 1

As I’m writing this, it’s been 11 days since early access. It’s 10 days since I actually started playing starfield, and although I’ve seen plenty of posts about people completing the storyline multiple times, going for NG+ multiple times etc., I’m taking my time.

First of all, I don’t have an unlimited amount of time to just sit and play games. There’s work, family etc. and so on. Even so, I’ve managed about 24 hours of play time since I started.

It boggles my mind how little I have actually accomplished.

My goal starting out was to play through the Constellation storyline. I met with Sarah at the lodge, etc., but I figued I’d try to explore New Atlantis a bit before really diving into that story.

Alas, I accidentally stole from a street vendor, and before I know it I’m in an interrogation room having to decide between jail or going undercover.

There I was, barely two hours into the game, and I’m already undercover with the Crimson Fleet, my plans completely out the window. All because I clicked the wrong button and stole food worth just a few credits.

Lesson learned, right?

Where does that leave me 10 days?

Well, I’ve completed the Crimson Fleet undercover quest (I picked UC, by the way). I’ve explored a few other systems and found the starting point of several other quests. I’ve completed the Mantis quest line, rewarding me with a new ship, plus I’ve completed a bunch of minor side quests for random characters I’ve bumped into.

As far as Sarah and the Constellation, I’ve only just now returned to those missions and I’m going to go down that path and see where it takes me, although at my own pace. I’m working through the first part of this right now, but I’m taking it at my own pace. With a bunch of credits in my pocket, I want to explore the ship building a bit closer, as well as the base building, just to see what I can do. Of course, there’s so much to see in general in New Atlantis and the other various locations that I just need to take my time.

Bottom line, I feel like I’ve barely started and there’s still so much to do, so many planets to see. Starfield is a game that will last me years, that I have no doubt about.

Now, what can I do next…

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